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Dear Therapist:

You deserve to be a well-paid, respected health care provider. You studied for many years to get your degrees, and your credentials. Yet working as a psychologist or credentialed counselor can be frustrating. Although you love helping your clients, it can be so hard to get them into your private practice. If you are in an agency, the workload is much greater than the pay and status you experience.

We can change all of that. We can restore therapy to a place of primacy in treating mental health problems. And that is by knowing the truth. The truth about how many more people want our services than want pills. The truth about how therapy is clearly more effective over the long term than pills. The truth about side-effects. The truth about what actually is the biggest cause of most mental disorders.

Once you know the truth about the superiority of therapy, you can speak it. You can share it with referral sources to get more clients into your private practice. You can inform the public, so that they see you as the first choice for treating their depression and anxiety. Your agency can educate funders to ensure stable support for the work you do. The Primacy of Therapy Project is here to inspire and teach you how your work deserves pre-eminence in treating most mental disorders. It is here to let you know how good you are right now, and how great you can become.

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Meet Dr. Eric Kuelker.

A few years ago, I moved 200 miles to a city where I knew 6 people. I had to start my private practice from the gravel up. Every two weeks, I would spend 7 hours driving a highway that is so dangerous that it has its own TV show. I know what it is like to be on the “Highway through Hell” in the middle of winter. I was also doing intervention every week with my autistic child. And due to a major loss in my life, I was sleeping only 3 hours a night. Yet despite these circumstances, I built my private practice in 7 months, to the point where I was making a 6 figure profit. My passion is to help therapists achieve primacy among health care professionals, so that their practices are full, and agencies have pre-eminence in treating people with mental health issues.

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