Do you want to grow your private practice?

Every day, therapists pour out their frustration on FaceBook groups about how hard it is to get clients in their practice, and how they hate the idea of ‘selling themselves’.  Or they do not know how to market their practice.

There is a much better approach.  You do not have to ‘sell yourself’ as a therapist.  You can do something completely different, which is to teach.  If you educate referral sources, then they will see you right away as an expert.  Especially if you teach them research that they do not know. And when you are seen as an expert, then the referrals flow to you. Thankfully, there is a lot of science that positions your therapy services as the first choice for nearly all mental health issues.

I have laid out some of this in magazine articles and blog posts.  I also collected it into a coaching program that guides you from total newbie, to being a prepared professional.  I used this approach when I moved 200 miles to a city where I knew 6 people. Within 7 months, I had a 6 figure profit in my practice.  The coaching program has 7 video modules that you can access right away. There are video interviews and study guides with therapists who have already used the Expert Referral System to connect with physicians and get clients.  If you join, you can have two private coaching sessions with me, sample handouts, a private website review and more. It also comes with the most stunning money back offer you have seen in your life. You can learn more at

Dr. Eric Kuelker R.Psych. 

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